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Should I hold my son back a year in school? Should I stay in my relationship or end it? Having a defined question is essential to 10-10-10, I’ve come to discover, because so many messy problems are intertwined with side issues and sub-issues, distractions and digressions, red herrings and bit players. Thus, the most effective 10-10-10s always tend to start with determining exactly what issue, underneath it all, you’re trying to resolve. The next stage of 10-10-10 is data collection. Not to worry; you can conduct this part of the process in your head, on your computer, with pen and paper, or in conversation with a friend or partner—whatever works.

We laugh about it now. I spent every summer of my youth on Cape Cod, aboard a little boat, hauling in blues and bass by the cooler-full. For the record, and with God as my witness, I felt for the fish. I went to college, became a journalist in Miami, watched the city burn twice, moved North, landed a job at the Associated Press, got married, went to business school, became a management consultant, and worked very hard to look like I knew something meaningful about industrial manufacturing. I was later the editor of the Harvard Business Review, until I was fired.

In ten minutes, she knew a “no” would make her life flat-out easier. She wouldn’t have to find another ride for Josh, or go through the elaborate dance of rescheduling Todd’s appointment with the recalcitrant receptionist at the orthodontist’s office. What a relief. In ten months though, the consequence of a no-go decision made Natalie cringe. She only had one chance to bid her uncle goodbye. More than that, she probably wouldn’t have another opportunity to see several of her elderly relatives who were quite dear to her.

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