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By Lyn Syler, Carolyn Kemp

Rookies in addition to complex basketmakers can be surprised by way of the range of fabrics and methods tested during this totally illustrated advisor. step by step directions for twenty-four initiatives, 8 of that are in particular designed for starting weavers, are provided in the targeted lay-flat binding and describe the full project—from weaving the bottom and frightening the edges to using a deal with and completing with a rim. styles are provided for designated creations akin to an Abenaki-style knitting basket, a cloth melon basket, a natural-vine wall basket, and a braided, twill tote. a unique photograph insert includes photos of baskets from worldwide, making this a stunning booklet to either use and show.

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Braided & Twill Tote Place the second horizontal spoke above the first and take the cane and bring it over the two horizontal spokes, leaving a cane width space in between the spokes. Lash this spoke on by going to the left. Go behind the vertical spoke from the top right and back up under the second horizontal spoke in between the first and second vertical spokes. You will continue lashing on the second horizontal spoke in this manner. Right to left. See DIAGRAM 4. 4 Hint: If the cane will not go all the way across the base, start a new lasher leaving a tail as you did in the very beginning.

Point and tuck all the stakes to the bottom side (inside) of the lid. The only exception is the front corner stakes (the ones you twined together). Cut them off close to the twining. Be careful not to cut the twining. 11 LID: Make a template of the top of your purse. Place the purse “upside down” on a piece of paper and draw around it with pencil. Measure 3/8” inside of the mark all the way around. Cut the template out on the 3/8” mark. Lay seven 8” pieces of 3/8” flat reed, marked side up, horizontally in front of you.

Finish off the sinew by pushing the needle back through the work. Congratulations, you have completed your Pine Needle Project! Profile of basket 28 6 Boutique Tissue Boutique Tissue by Patti Quinn Hill “Utilitarian baskets are not my usual forte, but I had the desire to create something that was functional as well as artistic. The tissue basket was one I could use myself, so that is how this little gem was created. ” Patti MATERIALS and PREPARATION 1 full sheet - 140 lb. Arches rough watercolor paper 20”x 30” cut to below lenghts after painting Rims- 2 @ 30” – ¾” wide each, using 1 ½” of paper Uprights – 22 @ 15” – ¼” wide each, using 4” of paper Weavers – 20 @ 30” – ¼” wide each, using 6” of paper Acrylic paints - Patti used turquoise, bronze, copper and gold metallic Hand-cranked pasta cutter (optional - substitute carving knife and straight edge) to cut paper Ruler Scissors, pushpins, #18 tapestry needle 4 ½ yards of waxed linen or other thick thread White glue Acrylic varnish Mold – see dimensions below or use boutique tissue box (leaving tissues inside for firmness) Small clips BASKET MOLD: Top: 4 3/8” x 4 3/8” Bottom: 4 1/4” x 4 1/4” Height: 4 3/4” The mold is square.

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