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St. i2,i 5 4. 8fc. therefore was born in Bethlehem at the time the Luke ii. Gen. xlix. i. when Augustus Caesar gave orders that the first enrolment should be made. But what necessity was there, some one may perhaps say, for the very wise Evangelist to make special mention of this ? " until He come, it is laid up and He is the expectation of the That we therefore might learn that the Israelites : had then no king of the tribe of David, and that their own na tive governors had failed, with good reason he makes mention of the decrees of Ca>sar, as now having beneath his sceptre Judaia as well as the rest of the nations for it was as their : ruler that he commanded the census to be made.

Quot; poverty, that Behold His. He might make us rich by our gaining what is Him therefore as one in our estate presented unto the Father, and obedient to the shadows of the law, offer ing sacrifice moreover according to what was customary, true though it be that these things were done by the instrumentality mother according to the flesh. Was He then unrecog by all at Jerusalem, and known to none dwelling there ? could this be the case ? For God the Father had before of His nised How T. aylwv.

1 : THE GOSPEL OF LUKE. ST. 31 Thy father and I have sought Thee sorrowing. His mother certainly knew that He was not the child 1* v. 48. v 49 of of the Jews. Joseph, but she so speaks to avoid the suspicions And upon her saying, that Thy father and I have sought Thee sorrowing," the Saviour answers " " ; Did ye know not that I must My be at Father s ? first He makes more open mention of Him Who and lays bare His own divinity for when His Father, truly the holy Virgin said, Child, why hast Thou so done unto us ?

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