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By Achilles Tatius

Achilles Tatius was once a Greek from Alexandria in Egypt; he's now believed to have flourished within the moment century CE. Of his lifestyles not anything is understood, notwithstanding the Suidas says he turned a Christian and a bishop and wrote a piece on etymology, one at the sphere, and an account of serious males. he's recognized despite the fact that for his surviving novel in 8 books, The Adventures of Leucippe and Clitophon, the best Greek love tales. Clitophon pertains to a pal some of the problems which he and Leucippe needed to conquer ahead of they're fortunately united. the tale is filled with incident and readers are saved in suspense. there are lots of digressions giving medical evidence, myths, meditations, etc, the curiosity of which redeems irrelevance.

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