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By Guglielmo Cinque, Giuliana Giusti

The purpose of the ebook is to gather and make on hand to the general public contemporary reviews on Roumanian within the framework of Generative Grammar. all of the reviews might be regarded as hugely complicated from either the empirical and the theoretical viewpoint. actually, they take care of some of the phenomena that differentiate this language from different well-studied ones, adopting and extra bettering contemporary advancements in linguistic thought. during this appreciate the ebook contributes either to Roumanian reports and to theoretical linguistics. those experiences disguise significant parts of normal syntactic research: the syntax of nominal expressions (Giusti on determiners, Grosu on unfastened relative clauses), clausal constitution (Motapanyane), clitic placement (Dobrovie-Sorin), and morpho-semantics (Farkaş and Zec). In so doing, they tackle the issues of the definition and refinement of the speculation of sensible projections, contributing new rules and facts for his or her formula.

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Deprez 1989, Chomsky 1994). The Gen phrase may now reach the SpecAgrGenP position, a position which is now in the minimal domain of the head (cf. Chomsky 1994). This is a typical 24 RUMANIAN GENITIVE CONSTRUCTIONS configuration of structural case assignment. It is in this position that AL is licensed, in the sense that its features are specified by Spec-Head agreement with the N in AgrGen0. Since the matrix of the Genitival article has been fully specified by agreement, the Genitival article has content, and can be syntactically active.

7. 8. 9. 51 agreement relation holds under government by AgrO0. Case is assigned from I to the object DP in the Spec of Agr OP. In contrast, in both, the impersonal passive, and the unaccusative, constructions in (ii), the DO is marked for case in its base position (inherently, according to Belletti 1988, or structurally, according to Mahajan 1990). The object moves to SpecCP by adjunction to VP or in a single step and no agreement is triggered. In his analysis of the French DP, Valois (1991) also insists that there is a one-to-one correspondence between structural cases and agreement positions.

Affixes are inserted in independently generated representation" [op. :36]. A second argument concerns suppletion, and says that "the environments where suppletion occurs are not defined until the S- Structure representation" [op. :37]. To the extent that, in prenominal position the three definite determiners L/AL/CEL constitute a suppletive set (see examples (i)), it is indeed the case that which one of them is inserted depends on the general configuration of the DP, which is not defined until S-Structure.

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