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Scholem, Qabbalot, p. 93 (Madda'ei ha-Yahadut, p. 255). 24 JOSEPH DAN In answer to your question concerning Lilith, I shall explain to you that most importantpart. Both of themwereborn at the same hour,in the imageof Adam and Eve, intertwinedin each other. This is the exact text of whatis written Matred,"3 in the chaptersof the LesserHeikhalot38 as we havereceivedit, wordfor word and letter for letter. 4' Since this text is known to us in several 29. Shimmusha, meaning: magical use. 30. Shimmushade-heikhaleizulartei.

Therecan be little doubt that the languageof this paragraphis intendedto enhance Rabbi Isaac's credibilityconcerningthe previousdescriptionsof the Liliths, the mother and the daughter,and their relationshipswith their husbands,the kings of the demons. The ancientstory concerning Lilith being Adam's first wife was not suitable to Rabbi Isaac's purposes becauseSamaeldid not take any significantpartin it. This principleof parallel pairs was carried both forward and backward-reflecting the bisexual nature of the divine world (God and the Shekhinah)as well as the lower demonic pairs, like Lilith and Asmodeus or Kafzefoni and Mehetabel.

See Scholem's note, Qabbalot, p. 100, n. 5. 94. Samael's name is obviously interpreted here by Rabbi Isaac as derived from suma =blind. SAMAEL, LILITH, AND THE CONCEPT OF EVIL 39 nameis Tanin'iver (BlindSerpent)... If he werecreatedin the fullnessof his thewholeworldinonemoment... The final destructionof the powers of evil, Samael, Lilith and the serpent,by messianicpowers,and a glowing descriptionof messianictimes, after evil has been overcome,conclude the treatise. If we try now to answerthe questionsposed at the beginningof this section, we have to take into accountthe full scope of the myth told by Rabbi Isaac.

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