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By Mary Elizabeth Salzmann

Introduces, briefly textual content and illustrations, using the letter mix "am" in such phrases as "ham," "clam," "jam," and "dam."

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Boofe XI. 1 The expression, "City of God," which I have been using is justified by that Scripture whose divine authority puts it above the literature of all other people and brings under its sway every type of human genius ... not by some casual intellectual reaction, but by a disposition of Divine Providence. For, in this Scripture, we read: "Glorious things are said of thee, O city of God" [Ps. 3. ] . . Through these and similar passages too numerous to quote, we learn of the existence of a City of God whose Founder has inspired us with a love and longing to be- come its citizens.

1). The things used in common, therefore, by the two great eternal and mystical cities are good, but limited and temporal. They do not constitute a third city, for the cities in question have to do with the wills of men and angels. These cities existed before earthly created nature and will exist when it is no more. In this earthly period, created nature is used by citizens of both cities who can share most things, with, how- ever, the great exception of religion and worship: this is the great and significant divide.

Among these good and bad angels are due, not to different natures and origins, for God the Author and Creator of all substances has created them both, but to the dissimilar choices and desires of these angels themselves. Some, remaining faithful to God, the common good of all, have lived in the enjoyment of His eternity, truth, and love, while others, preferring the enjoyment of their own power, as though they were their own good, departed from the higher good and common blessedness for all and turned to goods of their own choosing .

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