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But he has been TALKING is a different verb – ‘to talk’. It’s a continuous perfect – it’s still going on. Abel: Yes, you’re right. I like the idea of something being continuous. We were talking, we are talking, we are going to the pub tonight . . 5 MY PAST, PRESENT AND FUTURE 45 Barbara: Who said we’re doing that? Abel: I shall have finished my essay by the time you take me to the pub tonight – a future perfect. Sounds perfect to me anyway! But Barbara isn’t listening . . Barbara: He is so in the past, that Mark guy.

Abel: I’m finding it confusing too, so I thought I’d underline the verbs and see if I could work it out. Look, this bit’s future, this is in the present – and I’m not sure what this is supposed to be! Barbara: Well, perhaps it should all be in the past. Plato has been dead for quite some time! Abel: Yes, but his writing is still here. And I think sometimes you see that and sometimes you don’t. And that’s when you get things mixed up. Barbara: I suppose if I’m talking about his ideas, they still sort of exist because they’re still being discussed.

5 Why is ‘I could of done’ not correct? 7. 3 Standard English: do we need it? , and used, esp. in formal situations, by the majority of educated English-speakers’ (Chambers Dictionary, 2003). Many of the writers who comment on Standard English point out that it is just one dialect of English. ) Standard English is the dominant dialect and the one used by the most powerful people in the UK. If you want to be acknowledged as a ‘correct’ speaker by educated English speakers, you need to be able to use the correct versions of words, such as past participles of verbs – the bits that are causing Kim so much difficulty.

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