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By Glen Marston, David T. Schiller

The yank Civil battle Recreated in color photos

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Politics and America in Crisis: The Coming of the Civil War (Reflections on the Civil War Era)

This publication unravels the political advancements that made the Civil warfare unavoidable.

Boy Soldier of the Confederacy: The Memoir of Johnnie Wickersham

Johnnie Wickersham used to be fourteen while he ran clear of his Missouri domestic to struggle for the Confederacy. Fifty years after the struggle, he wrote his memoir on the request of friends and family and disbursed it privately in 1915. Boy Soldier of the Confederacy: The Memoir of Johnnie Wickersham deals not just a unprecedented investigate the Civil warfare during the eyes of a kid but additionally a coming-of-age tale.

Lee in the Shadow of Washington

Whereas such a lot students agree that Robert E. Lee's loyalty to Virginia used to be the major consider his selection to hitch the accomplice reason, Richard McCaslin is going additional to illustrate that Lee's precise name to motion was once the legacy of the yank Revolution seen via his reverence for George Washington.

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He rode to the corporal, and from there to the colonel's tent. He stood there some time but finally rode off, and I never saw him again. Sergeant Higgins had a big laugh when he heard of it, but told me I did just right. One day George Reeder asked me if I had been across the river. I said no. He had a skiff, and we went over. We made the boat fast and went up the bank. There was a fringe of trees, then an open space. Some eight or ten rods from us was a young man with a U. S. Springfield gun at his shoulder, and some twenty feet beyond was a big Negro who saw us coming and stood his ground.

We stopped there and I got behind a small tree. I could see the little puffs of smoke at the top of the hill on the other side some forty rods from us, and I shot at those puffs. The brush was so thick I couldn't see the Rebs, but loaded and fired at the smoke until a grape shot came through the tree and knocked me flat as I was putting the cap on my gun. I thought my arm was gone, but I rolled on my right side and looked at my arm and couldn't see anything wrong with it, so got to my feet with gun in my hands and saw the Rebs coming down hill just like we had.

As is the case with most good intentions, my plan to start the work on these memoirs promptly was delayed by the press of other, and what seemed more urgent, matters, until an illness which freed me from daily responsibilities of a job during the greater part of two years afforded the opportunity of putting the memoirs in readable shape. The memoirs, as Elisha Stockwell completed them, had no chapters, very few paragraph breaks, and little punctuation; but in spite of these conditions and the handicap under which he wrote, the manuscript was surprisingly readable.

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