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By Helene Schmolz

The fields of linguistics and data know-how can make the most of one another in helpful methods in the event that they get attached in a very interdisciplinary approach. This ebook makes a speciality of anaphora answer for the English language and exhibits how lucrative a linguistic-computational viewpoint will be. It outlines all kinds of anaphors and their frequencies and likewise develops ideas for resolving non-finite clause anaphors, that have by no means sooner than been tested.

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E. intrasentential or intersentential; and other features (cf. Mitkov 2002: 8-17). The procedure adopted here is to categorise anaphors according to their form. It should be stressed that the types distinguished in this book are not universal categories, so the proposed classification is not the only possible solution. For instance, personal, possessive and reflexive pronouns can be seen as three types or as one type. With the latter, the three pronoun classes are subsumed under the term “central pronouns”, as it is adopted here.

E. : 108). Expressions that are attributed discourse deictic function will also be considered in this book if the antecedent is present explicitly in the text. This condition applies in general: an item is only considered anaphoric if the antecedent is present in the same text (cf. Trask & Stockwell 2007: 16-17). As the aim is to carry out anaphora resolution with computational programmes, this condition is necessary otherwise systems would face great difficulties in resolving anaphors. 13 Those items are excluded that do not have an explicit textual antecedent (cf.

1460). An example of discourse deixis is given in (17), in which that refers to the word, rather than to the concept bilingualism. (17) She is currently writing about bilingualism. Shall I spell that out for you? Discourse deixis is in a way similar to anaphora because explicit antecedents can be present, though antecedents are not obligatory for discourse deixis (cf. Cornish 2006: 632; Bublitz 2009: 256-257; Stirling & Huddleston 2010: 1460-1461). With regard to the difference of discourse deixis and anaphora, Lenz (1997) remarks: Die Tatsache, daß sowohl die Diskursdeixis als auch die Anaphora auf Diskursstellen verweisen, hat einige Verwirrung hinsichtlich ihrer Unterscheidung gestiftet.

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