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By Dr David L Cooperrider, Diana Whitney

Written through the originators and leaders of the Appreciative Inquiry (AI) stream itself, this brief, useful consultant deals an method of organizational switch in line with the opportunity of a better destiny, event with the total procedure, and actions that sign "something varied is occurring this time." That distinction systematically faucets the potential for humans to make themselves, their companies, and their groups extra adaptive and more beneficial. AI, a concept of collaborative switch, erases the winner/loser paradigm in prefer of coordinated activities and nearer relationships that bring about strategies right away easier and more beneficial.

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In the past three years, Roadway has conducted more than sixty AI Summits. Q The AI Summit method is effective because it engages all stakeholders in one collaborative planning process (creating thousands of ambassadors and saving time that hundreds of slower, small group meetings would require); Q The capacity to do this type of high-engagement planning is now internalized in the company. More than ten thousand people have participated in at least one AI Summit. The company’s capacity has been widened throughout the system using an electronic and virtual architecture called the core strength network, with thousands of active members helping to speed the spread of every innovation and next practice throughout the system.

In their last virtual meeting, more than three thousand people participated in sharing breakthroughs in the dock design in Akron; how drivers became salespersons and sold $5 million in new business in WinstonSalem, and how another terminal became the highest margin facility in Applying the 4-D Cycle 43 the company. Although the core strength network is in its infancy, it is a great example of embedding AI as an everyday innovation accelerator. The next step is to support the network of strength sharing through a new software product called OvationNet, designed for ongoing online knowledge sharing and collaboration.

Inquiry is intervention. The seeds of change—the things people think and talk about, the things people discover and learn, and the things that inform dialogue and inspire images of the future—are implicit in the very first questions we ask. The questions we ask set the stage for what we find, and Principles for a Positive Revolution 51 what we discover (the data) becomes the linguistic material, the stories, out of which the future is conceived and constructed. One of the most important things a change agent or practitioner does is to articulate questions.

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