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By Kevin S. Wimmer

This learn examines armored war in a jungle atmosphere. the focal point is to figure out if there's a position for floor fastened armored forces in jungle battle. This learn explains how armor was once utilized in earlier jungle conflicts and examines present doctrine and applicability of employment of armor within the jungle.

The first section of the study specializes in discerning how armor was once utilized in prior jungle conflicts. The Pacific crusade of worldwide conflict II and the Vietnam conflict are tested to figure out the historic position of armor in a jungle surroundings. Early employment of armor in those conflicts is tested to figure out the standards to be used of armored forces within the jungle and examines the strategies, strategies, and techniques that have been built in the course of those conflicts.

The moment section of this learn specializes in the feasibility of present employment of armor in a jungle setting. present military and Marine armored doctrine is tested and interviews are performed to figure out if present armored platforms may well and may be hired in jungle struggle. also, officials from overseas international locations are interviewed to figure out how armored forces are hired within the jungle components in their nations.

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