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By Anthony Bryer, Judith Herrin, University of Birmingham. Centre for Byzantine Studies, University of Birmingham. Dept. of Extramural Studies

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Gregory of Spoleto. 3. Pope Sisinnios, natione Syrus, but with no information on his clerical career. Liber Pontificalis, ed. L. Duchesne. 2nd ed. (Paris. 1955). = LP, I, 388; LP, I, 389; Mansi. Xii. col. 265; LP, I, 422, n. 13: de Rossi, Inscriptiones christianae urbis Romae, II, 65, note 17. Also to be noted are the Sisinnioi. bishops of Gabii and Ostia in 732, who may well be promoted Roman priests. 4. LP, i, 389. To provide a rough scale of proportions, the names of 89 Roman clerics, securely datable to the seventh century (604�715), are known.

Iconoclasm may have been welcomed by people influenced by aniconic traditions (for example the old heretical underworld of Phrygia), but it also attracted popular support from people in the same areas who were otherwise firmly Orthodox. In any case it seems to me that abstract discussion of the theory of images could hardly affect the popular "milieu," and as regards the Oriental provinces all our evidence shows that Leo's position was particularly solid there. 4 It was not in the eastern but western provinces that his authority was shaken.

39. Theophanes, 405, 410, 423, 443; Nicephorus, 76. 40. Theophanes, 501; Alexander, Nicephorus, 111-25; A. cit. (note 19 above) 20-21; cf. another aspect of this legend, N. Adontz, "Les légendes de Maurice et de Constantin V," AIPHO 2 (1934), 9-11. 20 IV THE GEOGRAPHY OF THE ICONOCLAST WORLD HÉLÈNE AHRWEILER H OWEVER it is considered, whether as a social, political or religious movement, or as a particular attitude to private morals or public ethics, Iconoclasm in all its forms germinates in the breeding ground of the Byzantine Empire.

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