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Observed, it is a characteristic fact that in all 6 Note that in Marx's example the worst soil is A while in our Tables the worst soil is D. Introduction civilised countries a comparatively appreciable portion of the land always remains uncultivated. Thus, assuming the demand requires new land be taken under cultivation, whose soil, let us say, is less fertile than that hitherto cultivated—will the landlord lease it for nothing, just because the market-price for the product of the land has risen sufficiently to r e t u r n to the farmer the price of production, and thereby the usual profit, on his investment in this land?

The same extent of capital, Rs 100, is invested per unit area on each land type and at the assumed average profit rate of 20 per cent on capital the price of production is 120, but the market price has to be higher to give the rent payment rate of 30 per cent on capital. The total revenue has to be Rs 150 for Introduction each type of land for it to come under cultivation, since a surplus profit of Rs 30 is payable as absolute rent. The category of rent proper, arising from land monopoly in a few hands, reflects the fact that landlords hold society to ransom.

4, it was declared perpetual, and in fact only in 1834 did it take a new and harsher form. 9 These immediate results of the Reformation were not its most lasting ones. The property of the church formed the religious 8 9 William Cobbett: "A History of the Protestant Reformation," § 471. The "spirit" of Protestantism may be seen in the following, among other things. In the south of England certain landed proprietors and well-to-do farmers put their heads together and propounded ten questions as to the right interpretation of the poor-law of Elizabeth.

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